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Orˇthotˇics (ôr-thtks)
The science that deals with the use of specialized mechanical devices to support or supplement weakened or abnormal joints or limbs.


Don Stemmene



Our orthotic department can fit you with an "off-the-shelf" brace, or with a number of custom orthotic products.  For a free initial consultation, please call Don at (800) 325-6347 to schedule an appointment. 

Orthotic Knee Brace

Don Stemmene, CO

Don is a Certified Orthotist.  He has spent 18 years assisting customers with their orthotic needs.  Don has practiced in Washington, Idaho and California prior to joining Clark's Orthopedic in 2000. 

Customer service is the highest priority to Don.  Don will be involved in every aspect of your care from the initial consultation, to fabrication to the final fitting. 




Ankle Foot Orthosis